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In some lists (Account, Customer, Customer Selection, Inventory, Person, and Merchant), the data entry dialogs include an Attributes tab, where you can assign each record a 'Yes' or 'No,' or other values, in various categories — for example, 'Waive tasting fee' for customers or 'Show on web site' for inventory items. All of these attributes are defined in the Attribute list; youʼre free to redefine them to meet your needs.

To redefine attributes:

  1. From the Network menu, choose Setup : Attribute.

  2. Search the Attributes list for records of the correct Subtype (e.g., 'Customer').

  3. Attribute – Data Entry dialog Select the attribute you want to rename and open it in the Attribute – Data Entry dialog.

  4. In the Label field, type the new name.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Repeat for other attributes of the same Subtype.

In the Customer list, you can reset the attributes for any number of selected customers at once with the Set Attributes from Selection action.