Active Manager—QuickBooks Database Setup


he Active Club support team must perform these steps to prepare QuickBooks Accounting to work with Manager. All changes are to be made in the client’s database.

For client-side setup and configuration, see Active Manager—QuickBooks Integration.

Accounting setup

  1. Execute the following SQL:

  2. input into invoicesetup from d:\wbs\rex\qbwxmlsetup.csv

    Note: This step applies when configuring an existing database. It is not needed when setting up a new database.

  3. In the Accounting Interface Setup dialog (Network : Setup : Accounting Interface Setup), set QuickBooks Version to '10.0'.


In the View Design table:

  1. Rename the Customer table view 'POS Id' to 'Accounting Id'. In the view design, replace the string “POS” with “Accounting” wherever it occurs.

  2. In the Rule table, ensure that the view 'QuickBooks Accounting' exists; import it from DEMODB_1 if necessary.

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