Active Club POS release notes

Version 2017.4.106

New payment gateway: Added a new gateway (EVO), which uses a mobile EMV card reader that plugs in to the iPad’s headset jack.

Refund orders: When refunding items or an order, Active Club POS now selects the new order so that you can easily print a receipt if needed.

If Select Email when using the Tip Suggestions on the Signature screen and then process the payment, it does not have Email selected on the Receipt Screen when it SHOULD pop up with the email address I just added on the signature screen. [CV]

Cash refunds: Added a new switch in Active Club Manager’s POS Configuration table: Allow Refund In Cash Option. When refunding an order, if this is set to 'Yes' and the order’s Payment Status is 'Charged,' Active Club POS will display the message “Would you prefer to refund this amount in cash?”

Enabling the cash drawer: New switch Enable Cash Drawer Functions. If set to 'No,' Assign Drawer, Close Out Drawer, and all cash drawer functions will be hidden.

End of Day: In Close Out Drawer, moved End of Day to a separate screen.

Multiple e-mail addresses can now be entered and recognized.

Upgraded POS features to iOS 10 or later.

Notes for earlier releases