Enabling wholesale operations

Λctiv8 POS provides a wholesale mode of operations, for the use of sales personnel who take orders from resellers and other merchants. Designated wholesale locations appear on the Λctiv8 POS login screen; choosing one of these opens Λctiv8 POS with a different user interface from that of the normal retail system. To enable the wholesale system, you must make the following changes in Λctiv8 Manager:

  1. Create a new Inventory Location to be used for wholesale orders. The Name you choose for the inventory location will appear on the POS login screen.

  2. Create a new POS Configuration record for this inventory location and set the Enable Wholesale option to 'Yes.'

  3. Create Inventory Stock records from the Inventory list for the items that you will be selling to wholesalers. In each record, select the wholesale location as the Location Name (on the General tab).

  4. In the Inventory record for each of these items, enter a Wholesale Unit Price (on the General tab).

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