Time clock and work schedules

Λctiv8 POS includes a time clock, which lets employees clock in and out and managers maintain work schedules. Manager administrators can also work with these features using the Clock In/Clock Out and Work Schedule lists.

To enable the time clock in Λctiv8 POS, open the POS Configuration data dialog for the corresponding location. On the General tab, change the setting of Enable Schedule and Clock to 'Yes.'

Work Schedule DataTo modify a work schedule, locate the employeeʼs schedule in the Work Schedule list and open it in the data dialog. Adjust the date, times, or other details as needed and click Save.

Clock In/Clock Out DataTo edit an employeeʼs in or out time, select and open the corresponding record in the Clock In/Clock Out list. In the data dialog, adjust the Clock In or Clock Out time as needed. →

For a tutorial video on work schedules and the time clock, see https://player.vimeo.com/video/277725778.

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