Managing cash drawers

Λctiv8 POS lets you create sales orders and manage customer details and inventory transactions at point-of-sale locations. Every sale can be assigned to a specific employeeʼs virtual cash drawer.

The data you enter in the POS is automatically updated in your Λctiv8 database, where you can view and work with it in Λctiv8 Manager. Here, the Cash Drawer list contains the details of the drawers that have been opened and closed in the POS system. On the View menu, the Status view sets the list to display a summary of activity: times opened and closed, the value of cash and checks in the drawer, and total amounts collected. The Transaction Audit view provides details of the transactions made while each drawer was open, classified by payment type.

To enable the cash drawer features in Λctiv8 POS, open the POS Configuration record and set the option Enable Cash Drawers to 'Yes'.

For a tutorial video on the cash drawer features, see

Cash Drawer data entry

To display details of a selected Cash Drawer record, double-click it to open it in the Cash Drawer Data Entry dialog.

The Assign tab

The Assign tab displays the name of the employee to whom a cash drawer was assigned, the numbers of bills and coins counted in the drawer when it was opened, and the total value of currency and uncashed checks.      

To change the number of bills or coins:

  1. Check Calculate Cash Totals.

  2. Change the Qty figures as needed.

  3. Clear Calculate Cash Totals.

The Close Out tab

Displays the numbers of bills and coins counted when the drawer was cashed out.      

The Financial Summary tab

Displays the total amounts of cash, check, and credit-card payments.      

To see a list of the transactions completed while the drawer was assigned, click Transactions.

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