POS configuration

POS configuration settings determine operating conditions for the Active Club POS application. To view them in the POS Configuration list, choose Setup : POS Configuration from the Network menu. Each inventory location has its own settings; you can change these by opening the corresponding record in the POS Configuration Data Entry dialog.

POS Clear Cache Note that changes in POS configuration donʼt take effect until the following day. Users of Active Club POS can apply them immediately by clicking Clear Cache on the POS login screen.

The General tab

POS Configuration--General

Description: Should include the name of the location.

Location: Choose the location that the configuration applies to.

Force Pickup Signature: Sets the POS to display the signature pad when a customer pays for a club order.

Force PIN at Checkout: Enables the POS user to enter a PIN when checking out a sale. The system will record this user as the one who closed out the order, even if he or she is not logged in.

Manager Approve (Refund, Add Inventory, Discount Percentage, Discount Dollar, Void): Sets the POS to require entering a managerʼs PIN for each of the named operations.

Setting Manager Approve Discount Percentage to 'Yes' also requires entering a managerʼs PIN when overriding line items individually on the POS Check Out screen.

Manager Approve Close Open Orders: Sets the POS to require a managerʼs PIN to close open orders that are stored locally on a POS station.

Manager Approve Transfers: Sets the POS to require entering a managerʼs PIN to transfer inventory between locations.

Finalize Payment at Checkout: If set to 'Yes' and Enable Hold Orders for Tips is also set to 'Yes,' payment screens in the POS will display a check box that allows the user to finalize payment immediately, versus only authorizing the charge so that the order remains open for a tip to be collected before charging the card. When set to 'No,' the Finalize Payment option will not be available in the payment dialogs. This option must be set to 'No' to enable orders to be held open for partial payments.

Enable Hold Orders for Tips: Enables the Tip Orders tab and the Hold Order for Tips option (in the Order Complete dialog). When set to 'No,' all orders will be charged immediately (finalized) as they are taken.

Prevent Non Compliant Ship Orders:

Manager Approve Print/Email EOD: Sets Active Club POS to require manager approval to generate an end-of-day cash drawer report.

Default Receipt Method: Choose 'Print' or 'Email.'

Use Loyalty Cards: Enables assigning and redeeming member loyalty points.

Enable Gift Cards: Enables the Gift Card button on the POS Check Out screen and the Add/Reload Gift Card button on the New Order screen. If set to 'No,' these controls will not appear.

Use Origin Tax on Shipping Orders: When a customer purchases merchandise in person, but requests that it be shipped to an address in another state, some merchants choose to charge the local sales tax at the purchase location. When set to 'Yes,' Active Club POS applies the tax for the POS stationʼs location. With the normal setting 'No,' it calculates sales tax according to the rule for the customerʼs Shipping Address.

Auto Open Drawer For Cash Orders: Sets Active Club POS to open the cash drawer when a user pushes the Cash or Check button on the Check Out screen.

Auto Open Drawer For All Orders: Sets Active Club POS to open the cash drawer when a user pushes the Cash, Check, Credit Card, or Gift Card button on the Check Out screen.

To prevent the cash drawer from opening automatically, set both of these options to 'No.'

Enable payment signatures: Sets the Receipt dialog to include the Digitally Sign link, which displays a signature pad where a customer can sign for a purchase.

To display the signature in Manager, click View Signature in the Transaction record (on the Credit Card/Payment tab).

Enable Wholesale: Enables the wholesale mode interface in the POS.

Enable External Payments: Enables the Process External button on the POS Credit Card payment screen, so that POS operators can indicate that a payment was made outside the Active Club system.

Enable Location Printers: Enables the Add/Update Printer button on the POS Tools tab.

Enable Orders to be Open: Enables the Keep Order Open button in the POS Order Complete dialog.

Enable Future Pickup/Deliveries: Enables the Future Pickup/Delivery checkbox in the POS Order Complete dialog.

Enable Cash Drawers: Enables the cash drawer features of Active Club POS.

Allow Refund In Cash Option:

Enable Schedule and Clock: Enables the time clock feature.

Use Active Club Gift Cards: Enables issuing and applying gift cards through Manager and the POS.

The Options tab

POS Configuration--OptionsIn the Where Clause fields, you can define the SQL queries that determine how Active Club POS searches for Inventory, Order History items, Pending Orders, Tip Orders, and Pickup Orders.

Customer Lookup Where Clause:

Writing these statements requires knowledge of SQL. The column names (e.g., 'PICKUPLOCATION') are those used in the database; to find them, use a Search dialog in the corresponding table to create a search for the field you want, then click the “Display Search in Search Language” icon to see the details of the SQL query.

Item Detail CSS File:

Merchant: When checked, permits Active Club POS users to assign a specific Merchant record to the POS location; used primarily to denote a particular payment processor. If this field is empty, the system will use the Merchant with the Type 'Owner.'

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