Setting up shipping accounts

Λctiv8 Manager is fully integrated with UPS, FedEx, and GSO: you can create and track shipments and print shipping labels directly from within the application. You can have accounts with more than one shipper; for instance, you might want to ship to commercial addresses via FedEx and residential ones via UPS.

Information on your existing accounts is included in the implementation form for your initial Λctiv8 setup. If you add another account later, you can set Manager up to work with it by editing your Merchant record.

Note: Remember to negotiate your rates and to obtain the necessary equipment and supplies (such as printer and labels) from any shipper you decide to work with.

To edit your shipping account data:

  1. In the Merchant list, select the entry for your organization and open it in the Merchant – Data Entry dialog.

  2. On the Shipping tab, ensure that your Shipping address is correct. (To copy the information from the Address tab, click Copy Main Address.)

  3. Select a Ship and Handling Method:

  4. 'Handling Rule' to use real-time shipping rates from your integrated shipper and your own handling-fee schedule

    'S&H Rule' to use your own shipping and handling-fee schedule, disregarding actual rates from the shipper

  5. Enable Destination Taxes: Select 'Yes' or 'No.'

  6. Click Save.

For assistance in setting up or editing your shipping account information, please contact Λctiv8 support.

Shipping through a fulfillment warehouse

As an alternative to packing boxes for pickup and delivery by a shipping company, you may choose to have your shipping managed by a fulfillment warehouse, which maintains a stock of your inventory and does the packing and shipping for you. To set up Manager to work with your fufillment service, youʼll need to select its name from the list in your Merchant record.

To select a fulfillment service:

Selecting a fulfillment house

  1. In the Merchant list, select the entry for your organization and open it in the Merchant – Data Entry dialog.

  2. On the Services tab, select the fulfillment houseʼs name from the drop-down list.

Integrating with one of these vendors allows Manager to retrieve tracking numbers and direct access to your shipping history with the service.

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