Managing Shipping and Pickups

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Setting up shipping accounts

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Enabling weather forecasting

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Printing shipping labels

Voiding a label and tracking number

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Package tracking details

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Shipping best practices


hen you create a sales order, either for a regular club shipment or a single retail sale, Manager creates a package to hold the items. The package defines not only the contents of the box, but also its weight and other characteristics. Following the shipping and handling rules that you set up, the system uses this information to calculate the correct charges to apply to each box to be shipped, through any of a number of major shipping companies or a fulfillment house, and prints shipping labels and assigns tracking numbers. After shipping, Manager forwards daily tracking exception alerts from the shipper, and sends a “package delivered” e-mail to the customer.

Because shipments of wine and perishable items are time- and temperature-sensitive, Manager provides a weather forecasting service that can help warn you of potential delivery problems and adjust shipping methods accordingly.

For clubs that offer local pickup of purchased items, you can set up multiple pickup locations.