“Shopping cart” and event sales

When you use the optional Active Club “shopping cart” add-on, your club members and guest shoppers can make selections and purchase items on line. The web application performs the first steps in creating the transactions, up to charging the credit cards; you’ll handle the final checkout in Manager, just as with any other type of sale. This approach provides an added level of control over online purchases, letting you process them in batches, to check for errors, charge the cards, and print shipping labels more efficiently.

Order confirmations

When an order is placed on line, Manager automatically notifies the club administrator by e‑mail and sends an e‑mail confirmation to the customer. When necessary, you can also send this confirmation manually.

To send a shopping cart order confirmation:

  1. In Manager’s Transaction list, locate the shopping cart order you want to confirm.

  2. From the Actions menu, choose Cart Sales Order Confirmation.

Checking out

To process online orders:

  1. In Manager’s Transaction list, select a Quick Search for 'Cart Sales.'

  2. From the View menu, choose General.

  3. Manager displays a list of “shopping cart” transactions, with sales order dates and payment and shipping status.

  4. Follow the remaining steps for processing a club release:

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“Shopping cart” and event sales