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o create a transaction, Λctiv8 Manager must make decisions about how to apply sales tax, shipping methods, shipping and handling charges, discounts, and many other variables. For this, it uses various kinds of rule. You can define and modify these rules in the Rule list.

Note: The Λctiv8 support team will help you set up and maintain your rule sets, but itʼs important to know how they work in order to maintain them and understand what the system is doing behind the scenes.

Types of rule

Every rule has a Subtype which specifies what it does; this value appears on the General tab of the Rule – Data Entry dialog.

To make it easier to find and work with them, each type of rule has its own entries both in the Quick Search list and on the View menu.

Rules Quick Search

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Discount rules:

Package Discount

POS Discount

Promo Discount

S&H Discount

Shipping and handling rules:



S&H Fixed Cost


Accounting and tax rules:

QBW Class

QBW Trans Class

Sales Tax

POS rules:

Cash Drawer


POS Tip Percentages

POS Identity

Other rules:

Define Wholesale

Loyalty Points

Shopping Cart

The Actions menu

Rule list—Actions menuIn the Rule list, the Actions menu contains the following commands: