Checking the weather forecast

If youʼve enabled the weather forecasting feature, you can view the forecast temperatures at your delivery locations in the Transaction list. Manager calculates the number of days needed for each shipped package to arrive at its destination, and alerts you when you attempt to print the label if the forecast temperatures will be outside your acceptable range. As long as the transactionʼs status is 'Not Shipped,' the Scheduled Weather job updates the forecast daily.

To check the forecast before a club release:

  1. In the Transaction list, list all the transactions for the current release.

  2. From the View menu, choose Shipping temperature.

  3. Forecast highs and lows for the coming week appear in the columns Day 1 through Day 7.

    Transaction list-Shipping Temperature view

Forecast temperatures that exceed the limits you set appear in red (too high) or blue (too low). A message in the Description column will indicate “Low/High temperature at delivery location in <x> days.” In addition, Manager will not print a shipping label for that location, so that you can hold the shipment until conditions improve, or choose a different shipping method.

You can enable or disable the label-hold feature in your Merchant record (on the Shipping tab).

Note: The forecast temperatures also appear on the Invoice tab of every Transaction record.

Changing the shipping method

When weather conditions are unfavorable for shipping an order, you can change the shipping method in the Transaction record: for example, from 'Ground' to '2nd Day Air.' When you click Checkout, Manager will change the 'S&H Cost' to match the new shipping method. It will also update the Expected Temperatures in the Transaction record (on the Sales Order tab) according to the new shipping method.

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