Announcing a club release: The membership data e-mail

The usual way to announce a forthcoming club release is to send all members a membership data message. Sending this message a week or two before the release date gives members a chance to verify their credit card, address, and other profile information and update it if necessary, either by contacting the club manager or through your online account manager. You can send this message by e-mail, or print and send it by postal mail. Before sending either form, youʼll need to ensure that the corresponding Membership Data template is correct and complete, and customize the message body and other details to suit your needs.

The membership data letter includes the customerís online user name. Check that all members have been assigned a web user ID before sending it.

To send the membership data letter:

  1. In the Customer list, select the Quick Search 'All Λctiv8 Club Members.'

  2. From the Actions menu, choose Send to Customer : Email Membership Data or Print Membership Data.

  3. To send yourself a sample copy of the letter before actually mailing it to members, choose Send to Customer : Email Membership Data : Sample.

Manager sends or prints the letter, based on your Membership Data e-mail or print template. It sends the memberʼs password automatically, in a separate e-mail.

Composing and sending e-mail

If you wish, instead of using the membership data template, you can compose and send a customized e-mail with any text you want to include, either as plain text or HTML-formatted.

Using the wizard

Club Run Wizard e-mail editor At the wizard step Send Membership Data Email, clicking the corresponding command button opens the Wizard Email Editor, where you can review and modify the details of your 'Email Membership Data' e-mail template, send yourself a sample copy of the e-mail, or click Send Emails to send the letter to all members of the club.

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