Product packages

Package icon Just as a club package defines a collection of items to be sold together in a regular shipment to club members, a product package specifies a set of items that youʼll sell as a unit through the “shopping cart” or Λctiv8 POS — for example, as a gift box or holiday special.

To create a product package:

  1. In the Package list, create a new record.

  2. In the Package Data Entry dialog, enter the details of the new product package on the General and Details tabs. For the Type, select 'Product.'

  3. On the Inventory tab, select the inventory items that will make up the package.

  4. If necessary, modify the details of any of the items to be included.

  5. On the POS / Cart Headings tab, choose the headings under which the package will appear in Λctiv8 POS and on the Λctiv8 “shopping cart.”

  6. When finished, click Save.

Once you've created the product package and assigned it to a heading, it will be available for sale as a single item on the shopping cart and in Λctiv8 POS.

Package as Product options

On the General tab of the Package Data Entry dialog, the Package as Product panel contains three settings that apply specifically to product packages:

Display on Cart, Display on Point of Sale: Set the product package to be available in the online shopping cart and Λctiv8 POS.

Do not Repack: Prevents Manager from including the product in the same shipping carton as any other items in a sales order.

Normally, Managerʼs box-packing algorithm combines items from a transaction into a single box for shipping or pickup, with a single label and tracking number and a uniform set of tax, discount, and handling rules. Setting the Do not Repack option keeps the product package separate, so that it will have its own tracking number and its own pricing, discount, and handling rules.

Note: This setting is enabled automatically for POS packages, and cannot be changed.

For more on managing packages in Λctiv8 POS, see the video demonstration at

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