Setting package details

Package icon The Package Data Entry dialog contains the details of a single entry in the Package list. Youʼll need to provide most of this information when you create a new club or product package, or when configuring empty- and full-box package definitions.

Once youʼve entered the basic data here, youʼll specify the inventory items to be included in the package.

The General tab     

Label: Identifies the package in certain Λctiv8 Manager reports

Type: 'Club' for regular club releases, or 'Product', 'Empty Box', 'Full Box', or 'Archive'

Subtype: Select a package subtype on which to base the new package

Category: Choose the type of merchandise the package contains, e.g. 'Wine.'

Name: Appears in views and reports, and on the shipping label

Description: Appears in searches, reports, and some list views

Note: Make sure the description is complete enough to distinguish this package from others; it can be longer than the Label and Name.

Price: Automatically filled from the Inventory record; can be changed in the Package Inventory dialog

Weight: Total weight of shipment (can be left blank; will be calculated when you add the inventory items)

(Note: In exceptional circumstances, you can override the package weight here.)

Insured Value: Declare a value to request insurance coverage for the package. Manager will add the fee to the shipping cost for each order.

Carbon Neutral: 'Yes' indicates that the shipper has purchased a carbon offset allowance for this shipment

Shipping & Handling Rule Overrides:

Fixed S&H Fee: Normally $0.00; if you enter an amount here, this amount will be applied to all sales orders based on this package (for use when applying a fixed rate for shipping, rather than real-time rates)

S&H Method: Leave blank; selecting 'Handling Rule' or 'S&H Rule' here overrides your default preference (set in the Merchant record) for this package.

Package as Product: Options used for product packages

The Details tab     

The Inventory tab

Displays the contents of the package, and lets you add or remove items. When setting up the package for the first time, youʼll need to populate the list with items from inventory.

You must choose a POS Location where the package will be available for sale. To sell it at more than one location, youʼll need to create a separate copy of the package for each.

When you add an inventory item to the package, Manager requires you to select the inventory location from which the stock will be drawn.

Modifying package items

You can modify details of an item when it is part of the current package. Double-click the item in the list to open the Package Inventory dialog. Here you can change:

The Attributes tab

This tab is customizable according to your needs; contact Λctiv8 support for help.

The Template tab

Specifies an alternate version of a standard template, for example, a sales receipt for an event ticket. (Used primarily for shopping-cart orders.) You can change the template for a specific transaction in the Transaction record. Template names can be found in the Job Queue list.

The Images tab

Displays a product image for the package.

The Notes and Awards tabs are for information that will be displayed in the online “shopping cart.”

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