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Creating a club package

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Package icon Whenever you want to define an assortment of products for a regular club release, or any collection of specific items to be sold to one or more customers, youʼll need to define a new package to hold it.

Note: Creating packages is available to Λctiv8 Manager Operators, Full Operators, and Administrators (see Λctiv8 Manager user types).

To create a new club package:

  1. Create a new record in the Package list.

  2. Often, the easiest way to create a new package definition is to copy an existing package, change the details as needed, and Save the new record. Be careful, however, not to overwrite the original record.

  3. In the Package Data Entry dialog, enter the details of the new release on the General and Details tabs. For the Type, select 'Club.'

  4. To create a product package, select 'Product.'

  5. On the Inventory tab, select inventory items to fill the package.

  6. If necessary, modify the details of any of the items to be included.

  7. When finished, click Save.

The package is now available to be used when creating sales orders.

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