Adding a member

Customer iconTo add a new club member, create a new record in the Customer list, entering all available information on the General, Address, Communications, Shipping, and Credit Card tabs of the Customer – Data Entry dialog. On the Membership tabs, change the value of the Status field to 'Active' for each club that the customer is joining.

Sending a “Welcome” e-mail

Manager includes a set of standard “Welcome” e-mails that you can send to new club members. These are based on standard message templates:

There are versions of each template for shipping, delivery, and pickup customers.

E-mail welcome templates

E-mail welcome templates

Before using any of these templates, youʼll need to configure them to your needs by editing their records in the database. To list all the “Welcome” templates, search the Job Queue list using the Quick Search 'Welcome templates.'

Note: In the Job Queue record, these templates all have the Optional Name 'Standard Template'; the Λctiv8 support team can help you create other named sets of “Welcome” templates, for example, when you want to have a different “welcome” text for each club.

You can send a new member “Welcome” letter to selected members from the Customer list and the Actions menu.

To send a “Welcome” e-mail:

  1. In the Customer list, select the members to whom you want to send the letter.

  2. From the Actions menu, choose Send to Customer : Email Welcome Letter : Send or Email Gift Welcome Letter : Send.

The “Welcome” e-mail contains a link to a web page where the new member can choose an online password.

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