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n Λctiv8 Manager, inventory items are items of value that can form part of a transaction. Most often, these are items for sale, like bottles of wine or other merchandise, or generic placeholders that are replaced with specific real items at shipping time. Also included are nonmerchandise items, such as:

Inventory records appear in the Inventory list. Here you can add or remove items manually, import them from your accounting system, or export inventory records to an integrated inventory management system. (See Λctiv8 Manager—QuickBooks Integration.)

To add a single inventory item to the database, create a new record in the Inventory list, and fill in the details on the tabs in the Inventory Data Entry dialog.

Note: Adding, editing, or deleting inventory items is not available to Λctiv8 Manager Staff-level users.

Once an inventory item exists in the database, you can add it to a club package, a customer selection, or a retail sales order.

The Inventory record is also where you configure items to be displayed in the product catalogs used for the online “shopping cart” and Λctiv8 POS.

For more precise control and reporting of inventory, Λctiv8 recommends that you enable Managerʼs inventory management features. This is mandatory for those who maintain inventory in multiple locations (e.g., warehouse and tasting room) or use Λctiv8 POS. Once the records exist for all your inventory, youʼll also need to create Inventory Stock records for all those you intend to offer for sale.

For a tutorial video on managing inventory, see

The Actions menu

Inventory list—Actions menuIn the Inventory list, the Actions menu provides commands for the following inventory-related operations: