Inventory locations

Inventory Location iconΛctiv8 POS—selecting a locationInventory locations are the facilities that house your inventory. These can be physical, such as a warehouse or showroom; or virtual, for example your online “shopping cart.” Physical locations appear on the Select a Location screen when a user logs in to Λctiv8 POS.

To use inventory management, you must set up these locations in the Inventory Location list.

Inventory Location data entry

Inventory Location Data EntryTo create a new inventory location, open a new record in the Inventory Location list. Enter details in the Inventory Location Data Entry dialog:

Configuring POS receipts

On the POS Receipt tab, you can specify the file names of the images that will appear in the header and footer of the e-mailed receipt that the POS system sends to customers, as well as a brief text message for the footer. The images must be stored in the Λctiv8 image library.

Note: Images for POS receipts should be no more than 300 pixels wide.

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