Validating customer addresses

When you create a new customer record, you can verify the customerʼs shipping and postal addresses through a shipping service.

To use this feature, you must have set up a shipping account with UPS or FedEx in Λctiv8 Manager.

To validate a customerʼs address:

  1. In the Customer list, select and open the record for the customer.

  2. On the Address tab of the Customer – Data Entry dialog, click Validate Address. The results of the check appear in the Validation Info field.

  3. To validate the shipping address, repeat step 2 on the Shipping tab.

Before each club run, the Club Run Wizard verifies the shipping addresses of all the clubʼs members. You can perform this action for multiple customers manually in the Customer list.

To check addresses for multiple customers:

  1. In the Customer list, search for and select the customers you want to check.

  2. From the Actions menu, choose Address Validation : Mailing or Address Validation : Shipping.

  3. From the View menu, choose Address or Shipping. The results of the address check appear in the Validation column. To see the details of failed checks, open the record in the Customer – Data Entry dialog and read the Validation Info on the Address and Shipping tabs.

The depth of the address check varies with different shippers. For example, UPS validates only the city and ZIP code; FedEx checks the street address and apartment number and repairs the record to match its result, including a full nine-digit ZIP code.

Validating e-mail addresses

In addition to mailing and shipping addresses, Manager can also check and verify customersʼ e-mail addresses, using the Validate Domain and Validate Mailbox commands.

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