Customer selections: Using placeholders

Customer Selection icon In “member choice” clubs that allow it, members may specify a preference for a type of wine or other merchandise — for example “reds” — but you retain the option of deciding at shipping time exactly what items to include. For this purpose you can define generic entries, or placeholders. This way, rather than updating the customerʼs selection for every shipment, you need only link the placeholder to the specific red that you want to ship from your current inventory.

Note: The term “placeholder” is optional: it is an entry in the Translation list; an Λctiv8 Manager administrator can change it to whatever you prefer. “Placeholders” have also been called “synonyms.”

You add placeholders to a memberʼs selection profile and create sales orders from them just as you do regular inventory items; the difference is that when you create the sales order, you must perform the extra step of linking the placeholders to actual inventory items.

To create a new placeholder:

  1. Create a new record in the Inventory list.

  2. On the General tab of the Inventory Data Entry dialog, enter values as usual for Label, Type, Name, and Description. In the Subtype field, choose Placeholder. Leave Price and the following fields empty.

  3. Click Save to save the record.

To add a placeholder to a customer selection:

Follow the same steps as when creating a selection from inventory, using an inventory item of Subtype 'Placeholder.'

To link the placeholder to an inventory item:

  1. Search the list for items of Subtype 'Placeholder.' (You can use the Quick Search 'Inventory of type Placeholder.')

  2. Open the record for the placeholder entry that will represent the actual inventory item.

  3. Inventory Relationship fields

  4. On the Setup tab of the Inventory Data Entry dialog, select the inventory item youʼre linking to from the Inventory Name lookup list.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Repeat until youʼve assigned actual inventory items to all placeholders for the order.

Using the wizard

When you use the club run wizard to process a club release, the wizard opens the Wizard Link Inventory Placeholders dialog, where you can select each placeholder and use the Inventory Name field to choose an actual inventory item to use for it in the current release. Click Update Inventory for each entry, and Step Completed after all the items have been linked.

Setting placeholder pricing

When you use a placeholder in a club package, its final selling price wonʼt be known until youʼve assigned it to an actual inventory item. Itʼs a good idea, however, to provide an estimate of the actual price.

To set placeholder pricing:

  1. Search the Inventory list for items of Subtype 'Placeholder.'

  2. Open each item in the Inventory Data Entry dialog.

  3. On the General tab, enter a Retail Unit Price.

Using the club run wizard

If you created placeholders by copying them from existing inventory items, they will include the original prices as well. This step opens the Wizard Price Placeholders dialog, where you can select placeholders and assign the correct prices for the actual bottles to be used. Click Update Inventory to update each item, and Step Completed after all items have been updated.

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