Creating customer selection reports

List view reports

Customer Selection icon The simplest way to view a list of customer selections and their current status is to open the Customer list and choose Selection — General, Selection — Inventory, or Selection — Inventory — Dates from the View menu. You can sort the list as needed, and print, e-mail, or export the results from the Output menu.

Predefined reports

Manager also includes a number of specific reports you can create from the Customer Selection list:

To create a customer selection report:

  1. Open the Customer Selection list.

  2. From the Output menu, choose Inventory Order Report, Inventory Order Summary Report, or Selection Report.

  3. Customer Selection Report dialog

  4. In the corresponding Report dialog, set the following options:

  5. Type: Choose a selection type.

    (You can define additional report types; contact Λctiv8 support for details.)

    Status: 'Pending' or 'Processed.'

    Ship Method: Choose 'Deliver,' 'Pickup,' or 'Ship.'

  6. Select an option to display either actual Inventory items or placeholders.

  7. Click Print to print the report, or Preview to display it in the Print Preview window.

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