Creating customer selections from a package

Customer Selection iconWhen setting up a customer selection club, usually youʼll want to populate all the membersʼ selection profiles with a default set of selections, which they can then modify individually as they wish. To create default profiles, you can use the Selections from Package action to copy the contents of an existing club package to the membersʼ Customer records.

To create selection profiles from a package:

  1. In the Customer list, select the members for whom you want to create selection profiles.

  2. Creating selections from a package

  3. From the Actions menu (or the right-click menu), choose Create Selections : Selections from Package.

  4. In the Create Selections dialog:

  5. Select a Package from the lookup list.

    Choose a Selection Type.

    Action: Select an option; you can either add the new selections to any existing items in the membersʼ profiles, or replace all existing items with the new ones.

Before a club release, you can send the Selection Confirmation E-mail to all members, inviting them to modify these selections as they like, typically by logging in and making choices on your web page.

Note: The selection confirmation e-mail contains the customerʼs selection profile list. If you choose not to provide a default profile for all members, youʼll need to create a custom e-mail message with instructions for how to log in to the club web site and make selections on the Member Choice page.

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