Deleting pending selections

A new customer selection has the status 'Pending.' When you use it to create a sales order, Manager attaches a copy of the selection to the new transaction, with the status 'Processed.' Unused selections arenʼt deleted from the customerʼs profile: they remain 'Pending' and can be used later. You can set Manager to remove pending selections automatically once theyʼve been used.

Because errors can occasionally cause transactions to fail, however, Λctiv8 recommends that you retain the pending selections until all the transactions have been successfully processed. Then, when youʼre certain they wonʼt be needed again, you can remove them manually by deleting them from the Customer Selection list.

Note too that for placeholder clubs, normally you will not want to delete these selections, as they are meant to be used again for subsequent club releases.

To delete pending selections:

  1. Search the Customer Selection list for entries with the Status 'Pending.'

  2. Select and delete the records you want to remove.

Note: Once deleted, customer selections cannot be recovered.

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