Planning your club

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Managing your club

Planning your club

Running the club

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What is a club?

In many club management systems, you may have a large number of clubs, each one comprising a single transaction with a customer, or a specific combination of features such as wine type or shipment date. In Λctiv8 Manager, a “club” refers to a list of customers (members) who will receive a periodic shipment of merchandise in regular club releases. The contents of each release may be a defined package that is the same for all members, or a club may offer each member a choice of the items to be included. A club may include types, or “subclubs,” such as “Reds only,” and each club can have its own structure of discounts, pickup/delivery, and other options. Clubs are typically named to reflect these characteristics, for example, “Four Bottle” or “VIP Club.”

Implementation and setup

Implementation spreadsheetΛctiv8 Manager maintains all of the data needed for your club, retail, POS, and online shopping operations in your own private database. To gather the information they need to create and configure it, the Λctiv8 support team will send you a database implementation spreadsheet. To enable them to set the system up for you, youʼll need to complete this form as completely and accurately as possible.

The form contains several sections, where youʼll find questions regarding various aspects of your companyʼs operations:

For a tutorial video on the implementation spreadsheet, see On importing customer data, see

Addtional steps needed for setting up the database include:

For a tutorial video on the full setup process, see