Using the club run wizard

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Using the club run wizard

After the release

Club Run Wizard icon To automate the club release process and keep track of your progress, Manager provides the Club Run Wizard list. Every club release has its own permanent record in the list, where you can view its history and current status. When errors occur, or additional manual actions are needed, the “wizard” pauses so that you can perform them and resume the process at any time.

Setting up the wizard

Before using the wizard to run a club, youʼll need to set it up for your club operations by (1) editing the wizard steps and (2) creating package templates. Once youʼve performed these steps for your the first club run, youʼll need to do them again only if the settings change.

Editing the wizard steps

The list of actions that the wizard will perform is defined in the Wizard Step list. You can reorder the steps and remove any that arenʼt needed.

To edit the club run wizard steps:

  1. From the Network menu, choose Setup : Wizard Step.

  2. In the Wizard Step list, click the column headers to sort by (1) Sequence number and (2) club type (i.e., Uses Club Package, Selection Club, or Use Place Holders).

    Wizard Step list

  3. Remove any unneeded steps and renumber the Sequence values of the remaining steps consecutively.

    To renumber a step, open its record in the Wizard Step Data Entry dialog and change the Sequence number.

Creating package templates

A package template is the prototype for the club package to be included in a club release. It contains the basic information on the package such as discounts and shipping and handling rules; youʼll add specific inventory items to the package for each release.

To create a package template:

  1. In the Package list, search for packages of Type 'Club.'

  2. Create a new record.

  3. In the Package Data Entry dialog, add the following details:

  4. Repeat steps 2–3 for each of your clubs. (Clubs only; separate templates are not needed for club types [“Reds,” “Whites,” etc.].)

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