Creating the club package

For a regular club release, youʼll create a set of sales order transactions for all your active club members, based on a single club package. This may be an existing package that you use as is, or a new one created specifically for this release.

Before you create the transactions, itʼs good practice to check the package to ensure that itʼs correct.

To verify the club package:

  1. From the Package list, select the club package youʼll use for the new release.

  2. Modify the package as needed and save it to a new record.

  3. In the Package Data Entry dialog, check the following:

  4. On the General tab: total price and weight

    On the Details tab: number of bottles and volume

    On the Inventory tab: set the View to 'Cost' and to 'Shipping' and scan for errors

  5. In the Package list, set the View to 'Shipping Requirements' and scan for errors.

Note: For customer selection clubs, Manager creates transactions from membersʼ selection profiles, instead of from a club package. Before running the selection club, you may want to be sure that all membersʼ selections have been entered and confirmed.

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