Setting up the credit-card service

To set up Manager to process credit card payments, first choose a payment processor, set up an account, and obtain login credentials for the service. Then provide this information to the Λctiv8 support team, who will configure the system as needed. The details are found in your record in the Merchant list.

Testing the setup

Itʼs a good idea to test the payment service before you process a club release.

To test the payment service:

  1. Create a sales order for a small amount (e.g., $1.00).

  2. (Because this operation will actually charge the card, you may want to use a company credit card for this test, and not a regular customerʼs.)

  3. After you click Sale (on the Credit Card tab) to charge the credit card, look for the authorization result in the Authorization Data field. If an error message appears, contact Λctiv8 for assistance.

  4. Once youʼve confirmed that the charge is processed correctly, you can void the test transaction.

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